SAQ: Speed, Agility, And Quickness

SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) training is a well-known method to support athletes in developing their movement skills and is also commonly used in football coaching.

What Does Rondo Mean In Football?

In this blog we will explore a common question sent to us, what does rondo mean in football?

Football Plays: What Coaches And Players Must Know

When developing football plays, coaches should explore the different formations they would like to use, as well as how the opponents might set up.

One-on-One Football Coaching: Is it the right move?

In recent years, one-to-one football coaching has become more common for coaches working within the industry.

Football Practice Plan: The A-Z Guide For Planning Football Practice

This blog will provide you as a coach, a list of key components when creating a football practice plan for your football coaching sessions.

Football Practice: A Guide for Coaches & Players

Within this blog, we will cover ways in which coaches and players can get the most out of football practice.We will focus on how coaches can plan for the delivery of their training sessions as well as how players can make the most of their opportunities to practice too.

Football DNA Welcome 8 New Clubs In July

Football DNA are delighted to partner with 8 new clubs in July to support their coaches with access to the platform through the website and our own mobile app.

Matchday Interventions

“Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding” – Robert John Meehan
To somewhat contradict the quote introducing this blog, psychologists Cedar Riener and Daniel Willingham provide a different view-point.

The I.D.E.A Principle

This blog examines the I.D.E.A Principle which seeks to explain how a player assesses and interprets information on the pitch in what is an ever changing, dynamic environment with time and space continuously being compromised.

Staying Connected – Defenders To Push And Follow Play Up The Pitch

“Push up!”
“Get out!”
A common problem that many teams encounter, is getting their defenders to push and follow play up the pitch when the ball is in an advanced area (i.e the top third) either in or out of the team’s possession.

Understanding And Coaching Teenagers

“Teenagers crave independence. The more self-sufficient we make them feel, the less hostile they are towards us” – Haim Ginott
Parents, teachers and coaches often share a common bond.

Welcome To 3 New Clubs

Football DNA are delighted to partner with 3 new clubs in February 2023 to support their coaches with access to the platform through the website and our own mobile app.



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