Dr. Sigrid Olthof is lecturer in Performance Analysis and Analytics at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Her research focuses on football performance during practices and games. She has a particular interest to work with sport technology and data in order to research performance and translate performance from science to practice and vice versa.

Sigrid has a Bachelor and Master degree in Human Movement Science with a specialisation in Sport Science. She obtained her PhD degree with her research in Small-Sided Games in Youth Soccer at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). In specific, she investigated team tactical behaviour in small-sided games and compared this to the actual match using positional data. Sigrid worked as a postdoctoral researcher and sport scientist at the University of Michigan (USA).

In this podcast video we explore Using Different Pitch Sizes & Shapes For Your Football Coaching Sessions. If you wish to listen to the podcast audio on mobile it can be found here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3UKlMKlzcTwI3SchBUfdqw?si=a5c6280516ca4c45

Credit: www.ljmu.ac.uk/