As a coach, it’s important to understand when planning how to progress and adapt your coaching sessions that you’re planning on delivering. Planning is an important part of the coaching process and should not be undervalued as it’s a great way of considering how you may need to adjust your session to meet the needs of the players that you are working with.

TREE Method:

Teaching Style: Can be adapted to help explain a practice or adjust the way you communicate to individuals or the group throughout the session. It may be that you consider being more command-led use Q/A or guided discovery more frequently throughout your session. Likewise, you may decide to keep quiet or make the session player led.

Rules: By having simple rules to begin with at the beginning of each practice will help players to understand the game and spend less time learning the skill. Adding or adapting rules to a game will impact what is needed from the players in that game and will have an impact on the outcomes of the practice. Alternatively rules can be used by players with them deciding on their own rules based on what they feel would be an appropriate challenge too.

Equipment: Can be exciting for young players and will certainly vary the challenge and outcome in any practice. A great way or adapting your equipment within training may be by having a variety of footballs around the outside of the area of different sizes and weights they can choose from throughout the game. In addition, you may wish to adapt goal size or add interface with mannequins, poles or cones.

Environment: Will also have an impact on the outcomes for your sessions as well. A great way of varying your sessions is by changing your location (inside, outside, 3G, grass) which will all adapt the speed and potentially space of your sessions. Adapting the size of your area too will mean players will have to negotiate tasks in order to get success. Music can also be a great way of changing the environment whether it’s played throughout your sessions or intermittently.

The TREE method is a way of you considering how you will approach each session from how you will teach it to what rules can be added/changed of your practices to provide certain returns. Different equipment will provide a varied experience for your players and will mean they will have to adapt in order to achieve each task. Lastly changing the environment each time will not only make it exciting for your players it will also change the outcomes you get from your sessions.