Liverpool produced a outstanding team performance when Manchester City visited Anfield on the 14th January. City were undefeated in the Premier League with 62 Points and a goal difference of +50.

A key feature in Manchester City’s attacking play was their dominance of possession and the ability to play out from the back and build their attacks through the thirds. A common tactic when playing against City had been for the opposition to sit very deep in a compact shape looking to soak up the pressure and play on the counter attack. This tactic hadn’t really worked with City breaking teams down with ease and scoring heavily.

So the Key Question was: How do you beat Manchester City?

Jurgen Klopp decided to be brave and courageous and play on the front foot against Guardiola’s team. Klopp picked a team full of running power, energy & determination to regain the ball in the City half.

Front 3 of Mane, Firminho, Salah adopted high starting positions when Ederson or the back 4 where in possession. City still tried to play out sticking with their style. Mane & Salah looked to prevent full backs gaining good possession with Firminho trying his best to force play on one side of the pitch playing in between the centre backs.

The key to this match was stopping the central midfielders Fernandinho, De Bruyne & Gundogan having time & space on the ball. When the ball was played into Fernandinho either Can or Oxlade-Chamberlain pressed and prevented him turning to play forward. The other two central midfielders balanced off and picked up De Bruyne & Gundogan who like to play in between the lines. The Liverpool 3 midfielders were relentless and were constantly pressing, running & creating turnovers. Liverpool created numerous chances on the turnover because they regained the ball in the City half. The Saido Mane goal came from some excellent pressing as a team to regain possession and then playing quickly with City out of shape to create the opportunity.

Have a watch of the video, with some great examples of Liverpool pressing.. is this how you beat Manchester City?