In this podcast video Mark Bennett MBE talked to us in a podcast around “A Needs Centred Approach to Coaching”.

Mark is a former British Commando & senior instructor within the Army Physical Training Corps who served 22 years before turning down promotion in order to leave the services & pursue his passion full time.

During his Military career Mark was the senior instructor running the commando training wing & was the first person to redesign the preparatory training to focus on developing mental robustness within soldiers to increase the pass rate on one of the toughest courses in the British Army.

Mark works as a consultant, trainer, mentor & coach to various corporations, professional & national sport organisations, teams & Universities around the world, as well as Schools & community sports to help transform the leadership capabilities of every manger, coach & teacher that he comes in contact with. Put simply, Mark makes people better “influencers”.

Over the last 3 decades Mark has worked with over 30 sports at all levels & age groups; from grass roots to professional & International teams. He has also supported national sports organisations & global businesses to embed robust cultures that improve wellness, productivity & performance.

Mark had the honour of being awarded the MBE by her majesty the Queen in 2006 for his work in developing his systems. Mark is based in UK but can support any organisation/team around the World who is passionate about developing sustainable high-performance cultures that impact on people performance through world class coaching & mentoring

To listen to the podcast audio it can be found here: