Our Formation is a GK-2-2

  1. Pressing
  2. Positioning
  3. Patience

Scenario #1

  • Our focus here is on pressing.
  • The opposition are in a GK-2-2 formation.
  • The ball is with their right hand side defender and our main objective in our press is to prevent a forward central pass and the short switch option as well.
  • Our left forward should angle his approach to discourage and prevent these 2 options for our opponents.
  • This keeps the play in a narrow part of the pitch and limits their options to retain possession.
  • Our right forward should adopt a slightly deeper position and angle to defend the space.
  • Our 2 defensive players need to mark the inside shoulder of their opponents to close the central part of the pitch.

Scenario #2

  • Our focus here is on our positional play against a GK-1-2-1 formation.
  • The ball is with their deepest player and our main aim is to close the centre of the pitch to force the ball wide where we look to try and achieve an overload in our favour.
  • There is no immediate pressure on the ball as well as threat to our back line.
  • This means that we need to drop slightly as a team to reduce the space behind us.
  • We are positioned inside our opponents so that they have to play around us rather than through us.
  • If the ball is passed wide, we look to shuffle across quickly to try and engineer a 2v1 in the side trap zone of the pitch.

Scenario #3

  • Here, we look at the concept of patience when out of possession.
  • Our opponents are playing a GK-2-1-1 formation.
  • The ball is in the possession of their right hand side defensive player.
  • Our right hand side attacker needs to wait until the short switch is played and then he is able to press as the ball travels between the 2 opponents.
  • Our left hand side attacker tucks round to screen a potential pass through to their central midfielder.
  • If the ball can be passed through and the opposing player is facing our goal, our right hand side defender needs to be patient and look to step in at the right time in order to intercept the pass.
  • If in the same example, the opponent has his back to us, we should be able to again, press as the ball is passed and be in a position to stop him from turning and making forward progress towards our goal. Here also, our right hand side attacker should be able to apply pressure from the front and look to win the ball back for the team.

Main Principles:

  1. Close the centre.
  2. Overload the wing,


  • Intelligent positioning to keep the ball on one side of the pitch.
  • Patience to then apply pressure as the ball is passed.
  • Try to avoid getting too tight too early on an opponent.
  • Look to apply multiple pressure where possible and double up on an opponent.