Football DNA is delighted to announce we have launched in Brasil with a translated site in Portuguese. is now live and functioning to support the development of Brazilian and Portuguese coaches and players across both countries and around the world. Each piece of content has been fully translated to align with the current selection of content on

It is fantastic to launch this website in a different country, one which has such a rich footballing history who have developed some of the all time greats of our beautiful game such as Pele, Neymar, Ronaldo, Romario & many more.

Everyone involved with producing Football DNA is or has been working inside the professional game for many years, bringing you their usually guarded secrets and knowledge straight to your fingertips. Giving our DNA community the chance to see exactly what happens behind the closed doors at top professional clubs.

Our aim is to help our community be the best they can be, by making all of this insight and knowledge accessible to everyone we aim to challenge training ideas on and off the field to try and improve ourselves whichever level we would like to be at, whether that be in the champions league or with your own little champions on a weekend.

Have a look at the below video to see the translated content in action ? If you speak Portuguese then this site is suited to you!

You can join Football DNA Brazil with a free 30 day trial here: