In this blog we will look at Fundraising Ideas for Grassroots Teams with these clubs being the heart of football and often their community. These clubs play a pivotal role in providing children with a fun and safe learning environment whilst encouraging them to be healthy and active. We find ourselves in a period of uncertainty which has had a significant impact on grassroots football in the country and most importantly the young people that are playing football. As a result, a number of clubs and teams have folded and found it difficult to continue to function. To support clubs that may be in this position or on the cusp of finishing, we are going to suggest some different ways you can raise funds to provide your set of players with the best experience that they possibly can have whilst under your wing. Fundraising at grassroots may be for equipment, referees, teas and coffees for parents or even end of season trophies – all important items that impact on the experience that clubs provide their parents and players.

So why fundraise?

Anyone can fundraise for any organisation or cause and the main reasons for it are:

  • Raise awareness of a club.
  • Provide them with as much financial support as possible.
  • Give the people involved better resources.

Fundraising can be done in different ways and can play a significant role in supporting clubs not only to survive, but also to flourish. Fundraising at grassroots level shouldn’t be frowned upon, in fact it should be encouraged to give players, coaches and parents the best provision possible.

There are a number of different ways of funding and we are going to explore some suggestions. Before we do, it’s important to remember that children and parents are key stakeholders in your club and can play a significant part in helping to raise funds and come up with innovative initiatives that can engage the community to support their local club. Children are connected to their club and football in a different way to others, they have a passion and drive to help their club and this good nature can be galvanised to produce incredible results and ideas. Therefore, when looking at different fundraising ideas, engage your parents and players into any discussions around it.

Sponsorships: Building relationships with local business and organisations that can sponsor your club. Sponsors are a great way of raising funds and often you’ll find parents in your team own or are connected to a business that can help support your club. Sponsorships can be used on club equipment, training and match kit or even sponsoring players and coaches too. Other ways to engage business are to sponsor your club facilities or even host club events for that organisation or business alongside other businesses too. In whatever way you decide, be sure to take photographs, videos and acknowledge the sponsors wherever possible to put their support at the forefront of your clubs achievements.

Social Media: Building a strong social media presence celebrating your clubs achievements as well as sharing any good news stories can be a great way of building a strong social media presence. Whilst this won’t necessarily provide you with immediate revenue, it will help provide a platform for you to engage people with any fundraising campaigns you’re going to launch for your club.

Sponsored Events: Organising sponsored events are an effective way of engaging all stakeholders in your club with fundraising. Such events as a sponsored walk, kick up competitions or even a club quiz are all ways that you can set up events to help generate funds for the club. As mentioned previously, children can play an important part in helping to raise funds and coming up with initiatives with them to create any fundraising events should be encouraged. Ultimately, any sponsored events are a great way of engaging your community and helping to build rapport with potential new players, parents and fans of your club.

Match Day and Training: If your facilities allow it, utilising volunteers on match days and training sessions can be a great way of helping to raise additional funds. Teas, coffees and even cold and hot food are all ways of selling items to parents and players to support the club. Again, acknowledging those that have engaged in purchasing foods and drinks is important to thank them for their support as well as the volunteers that are giving up their time to drive ‘sales’ too.

End of Season Club Event: An end of season club event is a perfect way of celebrating children’s success as well as acknowledging the hard work of those that have supported your club over the season. These events can be done at your club facilities by having trophies, quizzes, drinks and food all readily available to those that attend. Likewise, it may be a great way of engaging with business and professional clubs to donate goods to raffle of on the evening to help you raise funds as well. At the end of the season, funds can play an important part in helping you move forwards into the following season.

Summer Tournaments: The organising of summer tournaments can be a mean fete for anyone. It’s a lot of organising. However, the benefits are endless. It’s a fantastic opportunity to engage and promote your club to the wider community and create an experience for all that they won’t forget. Alongside this, tournaments are a brilliant way of generate additional funds due to the foot fall that you have throughout the day. Money for parking, food & drink, bouncy castles, speed shots are just some of the ways you can raise funds on a tournament day.

Tours: Provide parents and children with unforgettable experiences. Tours are available all over the world and can also be done locally in the U.K. Creating or working with tour operators to set up an experience for your club or teams can also be done in a way to financially benefit you as a club.

National Campaigns/Schemes: There are a number schemes and campaigns that are run on a national level which clubs can engage with. Be sure to contact your local FA to find out any new initiatives that your club can engage with to help raise funds or provide further provision to your community. The Football Foundation in the UK are a great source –

At Football DNA, we could love to hear from any clubs that have raised funds so that we can continue to share best practice with the football community. Please get in touch with us on social media with your success!