In a 442 attacking shape, the coach passes to a midfield player to start the move, alternating between each side after that. The midfield two hold there shape and start the various combinations.. Step in to pass to front man, wide player then an angled high ball.

Coaching Points:

Sharp Passes:  For the combinations to work the passes into each player must be crisp and along the floor so the next player can usually play first time if needed. Everything must be sharp and controlled.

Clever Movement: Although the movements are rehearsed in the drill, if the players can learn these movements it will help them interchange seamlessly. As the ball is delivered in the box, each player must find the best position to get a finish at goal, interchanging if possible will be harder to mark in a game situation.

Timing: Each players movement must be timed correctly for this drill to work in a game situation. Players should never be stood still and too close to the next player, waiting for the ball. This would be easy to mark, stop the combination play by the opposition. If the drill looks fluent then the timing, clever interchanging and passes must be being practiced correctly.

Execution of Finish: The most important action of the drill, after all the clever movement and passes the player finishing should use the correct type of finish to score the goal. This may be a laces’ finish smashed past the GK or a side foot finish into the corner. From a cross it could be the best option to meet the ball early with a header to finish.


  • Limit the touches.
  • Limit the time to get a finish.


  • Slow down/walk through the combinations.
  • Use ‘All in’ on touches.
  • Do the combinations down one side at a time.