Using the final third of the pitch, set out 5 mannequins in the layout displayed with 1 player on each. Produce different combinations to create a goalscoring opportunity for either of the front two players. The aim is to move the ball quickly with one & two touch to play in behind the defensive line with a penetrating pass. To start work with one side and use 2 players who combine together through the middle player to produce an attempt at goal. Alternate the sides each time with players rotating after each combination. As players become confident and capable, start to introduce an extra player in the combination or an extra pass.

Coaching Points:

Weight of Pass: This is the most important component to produce good goalscoring opportunities. The passes have to be one & two touch to keep the speed of play high which is match realistic where you can play around and through the opposition. Players must focus on making a good connection with the ball producing a firm pass. If too hard, the receiver will have to take extra touches slowing the move down.

Concentration & Communication: The combinations require players to be really focused on the pattern set out by the coach. If all players don’t work together and know the move it will break down quickly. Importance should also be placed on players communication demanding the ball and the use of arm movements to signal where they would like the pass.

Movement Off the Ball: Before receiving the ball, players need to perform a movement to create space. This could be simply a sharp movement away from the mannequin to receive on the back foot. Also double movements should be used to create space, especially the forward players dragging the defenders towards the ball to exploit the space in behind. It is imperative the forwards time their run and stay onside.

Finishing: The final piece needs to have some quality to complete the combination play. Making good contact on the ball with a selected surface generating decent power is needed to beat the goalkeeper. Forwards being aware of the goalkeepers position will also help identifying and large spaces to strike towards. 


  • Develop different combination patterns using more than 3 players. 
  • Limit to One Touch Play to help produce quick realistic combination play.