Session Objectives: A session to work on building the attack from deep positions, enhancing the player’s confidence, technical proficiency and decision making ability when playing out from the back.
Overview:Setup a 20 x 20 yard area with 4 mannequins/cones spaced out on angles from each other and a start & end cone.4 players begin with a ball each at the start cone, 1 at the end cone and 1 each at the other mannequins. Players pass the ball to the next player and follow their pass. When the ball arrives at the end cone, players dribble back to the start cone avoiding the next set of passes being played to then restart the sequence.

Coaching Points: Pre-Movement, Body Shape, The Pass, Awareness

  • A combination between each passer and receiver can be created to add variety to the sequence. This may be a 1-2 or a ‘set’ in which the original passer then passes the ball to the next waiting player instead.

  • Distance can be reduced to make the passing accuracy easier.
Overview: Setup a 24 x 12 yard rectangle as seen with the middle zone (shaded) separating it into 2 areas.
There is a 4 v 2 in the right side area and a 3 v 1 waiting to become a 4 v 2 in the other area. The 4 have to make 5 consecutive passes before then looking to switch play to the other area. One of the 2 defenders then moves to the other area to press. The middle player on the line separating the 2 areas then turns and plays in this area now. If pressing defenders win the ball, the nearest possession player goes in and they play 2 v 1 for as long as possible. When the defending team win the ball (or forces an error), they pass back out to a team-mate to repeat the practice.

Coaching Points: Movement, Receiving Skills, Passing, Decision Making


  • Striving players can be challenged to use 1 touch to force them into quick receiving and passing decisions.
  • Make the area smaller to reduce time and space for the possession players.

  • Use a bigger area to afford the possession players more time and space.
  • The middle possession player cannot be tackled only have the pass into them intercepted.
Overview:Setup a 40 x 25 yard pitch with a goal at each end and 5 v 3 (with 2 waiting defenders) + GK’S. The 5 possession players score a point by receiving the ball from either GK, and keeping possession to switch play to the other GK. If the 3 defenders win the ball back, they try to score in the goal within the half they won possession. At any time they choose, the defending team can swap 2 players to give them a rest.

Coaching Points: Positioning, Body Shape, Passing, Counter Pressing.


  • The pass into the GK has to be 1st time.
  • Add an extra defender to create a 5 v 4.

  • Remove a defender off to make it a 5 v 2.