Setup a pitch with players lined up on the outside of the pitch on opposite sides. The coach calls a number, whatever number they call that number of players have to move through the SAQ equipment (ladders, hurdles etc) to enter the pitch and the coach then passes the ball to the first team that gets onto the pitch. As soon as players have entered the pitch, they then play against each other in a normal small sided game. Once the ball goes out of play or the game has gone on for too long, players return back to their lines ready for the coach to call out the next number.

Coaching Points:

Eyes Up (Scanning): Before the attacker receives the ball, they should look to scan and identify where the best space is. When the players receive the ball, they need to recognise whether they need to pass or whether they can take bigger touches to begin running with the ball into the space that’s in front of them.

Use of Both Feet: Using both feet will help players to be able to dribble and evade the defenders during the game. Travelling with the ball on the furthest foot from the defender will help them hide the ball from the defender and coaches should reinforce this by challenging the players to ‘hide their ball.’

Surfaces of the Feet: Using different surfaces of the feet such as: laces, outside, inside and sole will help the players explore different ways of manipulating the ball as well as dribbling into the space too. When running with the ball, players should try to take larger touches to move the ball into the space in front of them to help their team attack quickly.

Change of Speed: By players changing speed it will help them to ‘explode’ and move into the attacking half quickly. Likewise, if they cannot see space infront of them they may need to look to pass the ball or move the ball with smaller and quicker touches to dribble into the spaces.


  • Increase the number of players that are called out at one or make the area smaller which will make it more difficult for players to find space throughout the game.


  • Increase the number of footballs played in at one time which will increase players opportunities to practice running with the ball at speed.