The U13 – U16 Full Season Curriculum eBook aims to provide guidance to coaches working within those U13-U16 age groups. The curriculum will cover 4 key moments of the game over 36 weeks which consist of: In Possession, Out of Possession, Attacking & Defensive Transition. All sessions are age appropriate and are designed to support players as they are exposed to larger formats of the game. The curriculum is designed to provide players with the knowledge and exposure to a range of different practices and sessions that challenge and consolidate learning throughout. The number of players in the practices can be adapted to meet the needs of your group of players along with ways to progress or regress to support players. This is a downloadable PDF Ebook, if you wish to watch videos of the sessions you can do so in the U13 – U16 curriculum section of the site here:

  • 36 Full Sessions
  • 100+ Practices
  • Games Based Curriculum
  • Over 100 Pages of Content
  • Full Season Worth Of Top Quality Sessions Perfect For Grass Roots Teams!


4 – Statement & Focuses

5 – About the Objectives

6 – 23 –  Block One Sessions

24 – 41 – Block Two Sessions

42 – 59 – Block Three Sessions

60 – 77 – Block Four Sessions

77 – 95 – Block Five Sessions

96 – 113 – Block Six Sessions