This Football DNA curriculum aims to provide guidance to coaches working within the U5-U8 age groups. The curriculum will cover 6 different topics over 36 weeks which consist of: Moving & Manipulation, Hiding & Carrying the Ball, 1v1s, Passing & Receiving, Ball Striking and Games. All sessions are age appropriate and are designed to support players as they are introduced into playing football. The curriculum is designed to provide players with the foundations that they need both with and without the ball and we encourage all coaches to adapt the curriculum and practices to meet the needs of their own players. All sessions are also linked to the Football DNA ‘Individual Skills Program’ helping you to develop players away from your coaching sessions too. Each practise & session can be watched on this site too if your a member!


Watch the videos on the site like this! : https://footballdna.co.uk/sessions/block-one-week-one-moving-ball-manipulation/


4 – Statement & Focuses

5 – About the Objectives

6 – 24 –  Block One Sessions

25 – 41 – Block Two Sessions

42 – 59 – Block Three Sessions

60 – 77 – Block Four Sessions

78 – 95 – Block Five Sessions

96 – 113 – Block Six Sessions