The U9 – U12 Full Season Curriculum eBook is to provide coaches with a wide variety of sessions to support players across different age groups at varying levels. The curriculum consists of four topics which include: Passing & Receiving, Combine & Finish, Staying on the Ball & Defending. Our curriculum is designed to provide coaches with the support that they need to create an optimal learning environment with suitable practices, challenges, constraints and coaching points across the season. Sessions consist of Ball Mastery, Technical Practices and Small Sided games and all sessions are adaptable allowing coaches to help meet the needs of their individual players. All sessions are also linked to the Football DNA ‘Individual Skills Program’ helping you to develop players away from your coaching sessions too. Each practise & session can be watched on this site!

  • 36 Full Sessions
  • 85+ Practices
  • Games Based Curriculum
  • Full Season Worth Of Top Quality Sessions Perfect For Grass Roots Teams!


4 – Statement & Focuses

5 – About the Objectives

6 – 24 –  Block One Sessions

25 – 43 – Block Two Sessions

44 – 62 – Block Three Sessions

63 – 81 – Block Four Sessions

82 – 100 – Block Five Sessions

101 – 119 – Block Six Sessions