The Off Season is a critical time of the year to maintain fitness as a player to keep in top physical condition ready for the pre season. This Goalkeeping Off Season eBook is specific to the position with specialist exercises selected with pitch based workouts. Every workout has a related video for you to watch & understand the drill or technique required to perform the exercise/s located in the sport science area. The plan has been developed by Nathan Winder who has worked in professional football at Sheffield United, Ipswich Town, Leeds United & Barnsley FC as Head of Sport Science. Simply purchase this ebook, download and get started 6 weeks before the start of pre season so you are ready to go.


3 – Information

4 – Phases

5 – What To Eat

6 – 3 Types Of Diet

7 – Food Groups

8 – Good Habits

9 – Protein & Carbohydrates

10 – The Schedule

11 – 6 Week Schedule

12 – Strength Schedule

13 – The Drills

14 – Aerobic Base

15 – GK Sprint Intervals 1

16 –GK Sprint Intervals 2

17 – Other Exercises

18 – The Website