Recovery after a game or training session is crucially important that will start preparation for the next game. Your body needs time and attention with a combination of stretches and mobility exercises to improve the body’s condition. Follow the step by step video to have the perfect recovery workout!
Squat and Rotate – opens hips and mobilises thoracic spine
Reverse Lunge and Reach – mobilises hip flexors
Cossack Squat – opens hips and stretches adductors
Hip and Hamstring Rocker – mobilises hips and hamstrings
Hip Hold – Lengthens Hip Flexors
Hamstring Hold – lengthens hamstrings
Abducted Leg Hip Rocker – mobilises hips
Abducted Leg Hip Hold – lengthens adductors
Pigeon Stretch – stretches glutes
Calf Rock – mobilises gastrocnemius
Calf Hold – lengthens gastrocnemius
Child’s Pose – lengthens spine and lats
Hands to the Right – focusses the stretch on the left lat
Hands to the Left – focusses the stretch on the right lat
Cat and Camel – mobilises thoracic spine
Knee Rolls – mobilises lumbar spine and glutes and lower back
Star Stretch – lengthens glutes
Scorpion Rolls – mobilises core and shoulders
Scorpion Stretch – lengthens core and shoulders
Duration: 30 Seconds on Each Exercise