The aim of these exercises is to build lower limb strength with limited equipment. Each exercise has a differing outcome focus, which all together will help improve sports performance. There are a combination of fast movements which require force production and deceleration but also slow controlled movements which emphasise the lengthening of the muscle to improve strength. These exercises will help to keep the muscle strong to aid sports performance and injury reduction, directly impacting your game! Begin with lower repetitions with longer rest periods to build a base and ensure the quality of the movement is focussed on.

1. Drop Bulgarian (8 Reps Each Leg) Superset with Bridge Switches (10 Reps total)

X3 Sets

Drop Bulgarian – drop fast to induce higher braking forces to aid deceleration, regress this by slowing down the eccentric phase.

Bridge Switches – high eccentric and isometric forces going through the hamstring on the catch, regress this by switching slowly.

2.Assisted Pistol (5 Reps Each Leg) Superset with Single Leg Curl (5 Reps Each Leg)

X3 Sets

Assisted Pistol – increase unilateral strength through a full range of motion, regress this by using the arms more to assist.

Single Leg Curl – unilateral hamstring strength, regress by only completing the eccentric phase.

3.Reverse Nordic (5 Reps) Superset with Razor Hinge (5 Reps)

X3 Sets

Reverse Nordic – bilateral quad strengthening, regress this by only completing the eccentric phase.

Razor Hinge – bilateral hamstring strengthening, regress this only completing the eccentric phase.

2 Minutes rest between each superset to focus on the quality of each exercise.