Here at we use the phrase “Watch, Use & Adapt” but what do we mean by this?

The aim of is to help coaches and players develop their own sessions, programmes and curriculum by using the hundreds of resources provided. It can be easy to get lost on websites, but we have made easy to find what you are looking for by using the filter section on the left side of the page.


The unique concept we provide is every drill & session is on video with real coaching footage from the professionals themselves. It’s important to consider the context of the drill or session before trying to use this with your players. Each coach will want to deliver in their own way and get different outputs from it so they will slightly alter the numbers, layout or duration. When watching the video please consider this and then think how you could see this fitting in with your group of players. Take time to watch the full video to see the progressions and also the coaching points which will appear with drawings and text. This will help you understand the key points to look out for from your players. These 4 coaching points are ones that have been selected by the coach but like said above these will differ depending on the output you require. Our aim is to provide you with a concept to build from and then develop using your own ideas.

Use & Adapt

Many drills & sessions you will not need tweaking or adjusted and can simply be delivered as shown on the site which is great. However consider the age & ability of players you are coaching and the complexity of the drill. Our advice is to take ideas from the drills & put your own stamp on it linking back to your players needs. Here are some ways you could adapt the drills & sessions:

Size of the Area: Making the area bigger can make drills easier by allowing more space for players to execute and time to think. Consider the topic you are trying to coach and if the size of the area allows coaching points and success to happen. For example switching play requires an area that provides plenty of width to stretch the opposition. The more players you also have generally means you will need bigger areas, again depending on session topic. If players are finding a possession practise too easy, you could make the area smaller to reduce thinking time and improve decision making.

Amount of Players: The drills will have a minimum amount of players required for it to work but you could adapt area size to cater for more or run two at the same time. You may want to make the drill harder by increasing the amount of defenders or easier by decreasing the amount. Just because it says you need that amount of players, it doesn’t mean you can’t tweak it to the numbers you have. Most Small Sided Games are easily adapted to suit the numbers you have, overload one team or play with a floater if you have an odd number. Keep in mind the effect playing with less or more players will have on the topic.

Progressions: There will lots of ways you can develop and expand on the ideas given in the videos. Our advice is to experiment and come up with various ways to progress the drill yourself. As a coach you may look at it and think I could do that differently but I like the way the coach has done that. Making it harder can be as simple as limiting touches or adding more defenders. Use the initial drill as a guideline to build upon and relay that to what you want to achieve with your players. Sometimes the topics the coach has delivered may suit another topic with a tweaked layout or conditions. Explore all skills on the site, we are sure you will pick up ideas to transfer across to other topics.

Overall, if it is from our site or not consider the above and don’t think you can simply copy an U18 session and use it with U10’s. You nay be able to adapt it and keep the layout but change the numbers and conditions to then use it with U10s. Take time to plan your sessions and always keep in mind your own players needs, ability and age!

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