Our expert Nutritionist Daniel Carney answers some of the most common questions he receives when working with footballers from the younger age groups to professionals. The questions he answers are:

1. How do I know how much carbs to eat before a game?
2. What does a good post match meal look like?
3. How do I know how many calories I should be eating each day?
4. Should I change how much I eat everyday depending on if it’s a difficult or easy training day?
5. Do I need to count my calories?
6. How would you balance your meals for a part time footballer who works in day then finishes
training at 9pm?
7. Will eating before bed make me fat?
8. Can I really eat whatever I want post-match such as fast-foods and takeaways?
9. What is more important, the total amount of food I eat, the types of food I eat, or the time
that I eat at?
10. Are supplements necessary and if so what should I be using?
11. I am a youth player playing in the U18’s squad, what should my dietary goals be?
12. What’s best to drink during and after training or a match?